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10 hours ago - Shashank's Thoughts
Email Other Apps Post a Comment Read more Moving to iphone after 15 years on Android By Shashank Harwalkar May 17, 2023 I
10 hours ago - Erico Notes
I also am in need of music and ambient sounds, and after asking Edwyn Tiong and Arishgokol, both join in and quickly deliver
10 hours ago - List of posts -
the Raspberry Pi: adventures in unaligned lands ▼ antirez 2673 days ago. After 10 million of units sold, and practically an endless set of
11 hours ago - Techinch
listeners’ attention. For most topics, “People will begin to tune out after approximately 10 minutes," found biologist John Medina in research for his
12 hours ago - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering – Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.
mode — ensuring that phones would automatically switch back to “Contacts only” after 10 minutes. The company later extended this software update to all
12 hours ago - The Grey Shadow – Thoughts on theology, aesthetics, philosophy and technology.
differences with Roman Catholicism. That’s why we had the Reformation, after all. Doctrines such as the use of images, veneration of Mary
2017 by Eduardo / 0 Comment Lucía Caram sparks anger in Spain after appearing to contradict Catholic teaching on perpetual virginity of mother of
13 hours ago - JonPaulUritis.com
your resume to be a finalist for whatever job you are after: 1. Don't suck. 2. Provide context and results - That means (gasp!)
13 hours ago - Stevey's Blog Rants
back.) I went through something of a life crisis in 2004, after 8 years of working on the game, because my productivity had
Go fuck yourself." I exhaust their tiny quotas every day, even after adding credential caching so that players only re-validate once every
13 hours ago - Emilio’s Blog | My Ph.D. and other tech stuff
of applying tools developed for Natural Language Processing (NLP) to bioinformatics. After all, the comparison seems to hold up: you can think of
14 hours ago - Articles
we have built so far in a nice Neural Network API. After all, who would want to assemble networks by hand? Deep Learning