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1 month ago - www.bentasker.co.uk
kitchen") because that's where the doors are in the real room. Aside from the carpet being somewhat less worn, a huge amount of
11 hours ago - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering – Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.
modest values of M and N, but let’s put this aside for a moment. Given enough paper, we could imagine writing down
massive table to find each entry. But let’s put that aside for a moment. Instead let’s focus only on the encryptor.
Hopefully we’ll figure that out later down the line. Leaving aside a few unanswered mysteries, we’ve now come to the end
good approaches to collecting and/or generating those lists. As an aside, exploiting these dictionaries can be done in three different ways: You
lives and build our societies. But setting all these heavy thoughts aside, mostly Red Team Blues is a quick fun read. You can
10 hours ago - Daniel Little Dev
no such thing as reliable messaging". It's an interesting statement, but aside from being completely untrue, the statement is also entirely unhelpful. What
9 hours ago - Jiby's toolbox - Jb Doyon's personal website
share it to the public. Of note, this presentation is setting aside what people usually know of Makefiles (autoconf-generated blobs, opaque to
9 hours ago - Ayende @ Rahien
my Curriculum Vitae and call myself a senior AI developer. Joking aside, this approach provides a good (although highly simplified) overview of how
11 hours ago - winrickLabs Blog
over the wire. So where do we go from here? Well, aside from making major architecture changes, let's revisit that logging thing. What
me a great discount on their pub-sub service. Sales tactics aside, I looked at my TODO list. I had some things I
12 hours ago - Junk Heap Homotopy
to Berkeley, then I'm going to make Berkeley come to me. ↩ Aside from several dozen hour-long application forms, and god knows how
12 hours ago - Ryan Castellucci’s blog | rya.nc
almost certainly doing it for you. Plausible deniability has been tossed aside in the name of stopping spam, but it doesn’t have
12 hours ago - IMVU Engineering Blog – Software engineering best practices at IMVU
S.State FakeState (I’ll get to FakeState in a second) Aside from reliability, this design has another very useful property: It is