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1 month ago - Ontology is overrated, revisited - Fabian's public notepad
have shown their true colors rather fast, and all tech-optimism aside, noone should not be suprised that corporation first and foremost want
7 hours ago - NEVERFRIDAY - Portal Berita Seputar Destinasi Wisata Terkini
seen as entertainment rather than a way to make money. Set aside an amount that you’re comfortable losing and never exceed that
with a Bankroll: Before you begin playing nexus engine slots, set aside a specific budget strictly for gambling purposes. This will help you
Dewa 4d can be addictive, so it’s important to set aside specific hours for gambling and stick to them. Avoid spending excessive
9 hours ago - PREPEND
is fixed. This means that the project plan has to set aside a certain amount of time for maintenance even when developers are
10 hours ago - Swiftjective-C | iOS. Indies. Apple. Plus Things.
one of those dub dubs where we got some hardware announced (aside from, you know, the whole Apple Vision Pro thingy). A new
10 hours ago - Syd Norpol
t have a partner Poor 90s bands and a heartbroken self aside, I thought it would be nice to drop a quick hello.
10 hours ago - Nemo's Home
wastes CPU cycles - I try to avoid it if I can. Aside: Click here for explanation of the decryption code The server sends
10 hours ago - Road to Craftsmanship
conference to be of very high quality consistently over the years. Aside from giving a talk, I attended over 30 other sessions covering
11 hours ago - Gustavo’s Blog | Doing the thing, doing it well.
classes but I haven’t used vim proper much at work aside from plugins and bindings for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
11 hours ago - Alexander's Blog | Alexander's Blog
stop being little scared...puppies, and take your life back. Pandemic aside, during 2021 I have recorded my daily activities in 15 minute
in which each individual decides it's own fate, by letting fear aside! For me, 2021, was a year full of growth, both personally
12 hours ago - Jon Skeet's coding blog
good way of handling this, but I’m putting that question aside for the moment. I’m still going to aim to keep
is intended to be consistent with that of physical control surfaces. Aside from the normal benefits of consistency and familiarity, this will help
not to be what I’m looking for. All the problems aside, I’m still frankly astonished at getting a working, useful mobile