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12 hours ago - Life plus Linux
everything in java. How hard can it be? Right? Right? Sarcasm aside, as I mentioned earlier, Tensorflow for java has everything we need
1 day ago - Rondam Ramblings
it's not actually moving . And even if we put that technicality aside, you probably see a rotating circle, but the white dots that
1 week ago - AILEF – Building useless but hopefully fun stuff.
to create an accurate and efficient implementation. However, if we put aside performance and restrict us to the most important features, creating a
1 month ago - You would be a bad millionaire | Svedic.org
by this time next week. Think about it, money and glitter aside, this time next week you could have a lifestyle not very
1 month ago - We Fear Change
the mailing list software John wrote is what became GNU Mailman. (Aside: I'll never forget the time my band the Cravin' Dogs played
11 hours ago - nuxx.net – Making, baking, and (un-)breaking things in Southeast Michigan.
really likes the Pivot grips, so these’ll end up set aside for her. The stock saddle is a fairly narrow Pivot-branded
and I don’t regret purchasing them. Grip-wise I put aside the stock Pivot Phoenix Factory Lock-On Grips and fitted ESI
couldn’t justify it. I put thoughts of a new bike aside… Until now. After a lot of thinking and basically coinciding with
9 hours ago - Senko Rašić
online presence tied in to marketing. We didn't do any advertising, aside from a few experiments to test the waters and measure potential
11 hours ago - Red Programming Language
refinement? word [set in obj to word! word false] ] obj ] Step Aside: Here's another approach, which combines steps 1 and 2, and lets
11 hours ago - Stevey's Blog Rants
Thresher, in which case they have my blessing. BTW, as an aside, and my wife agrees 100% -- all this chatter about Lilith vs.