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12 hours ago - A spot of sunlight
dropped in the lake by that dragon last time? Ice bath aside, we'd made it to Caer-Dineval and plodded our cold, wet
1 month ago - Reserve Studies - A Policy Analysis | ℤ→ℤ
a few percent of the fully-funded balance (FFB); lowest risk Aside: Contrary to their definitions, threshold funding is really two separate goals.
1 month ago - Paul Irish
DevTools UI for debugging Node.js. It definitely beats console.log. ;) Aside from that, I’ve been busy working on Lighthouse , performance metrics,
12 hours ago - BillSaysThis – Death is ugly, Life is sexy!
be a hit or the end of his Columbia recording contract. Aside: Wings for Wheels was the original title of the song that
9 hours ago - Garrick van Buren – About time. And product. And being more deliberate.
music to art to text. What does it obsolesce or push aside? Generative AI may obsolesce the need for human creativity in some
is indistinguishable from that produced by humans. It may also push aside traditional methods of content creation, such as manual design or composition.
9 hours ago - Gus Van Horn
John Stossel . Trump went with the lockdowns and outspent Biden . Setting aside its theocratic agenda for a moment: America's GOP is too busy
12 hours ago - Werd I/O
developing a fairer and sustainable economy, which has a UK focus. * Aside from my comments about David Cameron. The guy deserves it. It's
5 days ago - Aswath Krishnan
serve millions of customers with little marginal cost and high margins. Aside from dealing with the occasional fires, you are free to direct