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10 hours ago
it into a plaintext is called encoding, and the reverse is called decoding. In homomorphic encryption, the distinction matters. Cleartexts are generally all
dialect to a combination of standard MLIR dialects, using the so-called dialect conversion infrastructure to accomplish it. Socks, a matching game based
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journals. Nowadays I work as a statistics engineer at a startup called Eppo. LinkedIn = Twitter © 2008–2020 Evan Miller
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Han Dynasty around 205 BC, the first recorded lottery-like game called “Keno” was played. It was believed that this game helped to
a mechanic named Charles Fey introduced the first-ever slot machine called the Liberty Bell. This mechanical marvel featured three reels and five
10 hours ago - Erico Notes
is called Scotland Yard, but elsewhere, in US and UK, it's called 221 B Baker Street. In this game, each time there's a
around me. My Google Docs file where I write this is called Everyday Scenes. Here is an excerpt: The woman waits patiently. Sit
10 hours ago - Gus Van Horn
of the central villain of my new book : a management philosophy called pseudo-productivity , which leverages visible activity as a crude proxy for
'" He also notes that Mike Pence, who hasn't endorsed Trump called the verdict an "outrage and disservice to the nation." So far,
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small library to perform asynchronous tasks on a different thread was called bio.c: Background I/O, basically. However some time ago I
doing a fun coding marathon to implement a new crazy command called BITFIELD. The essence of this command is not new, it was
a new system. It’s a message broker and it’s called Disque. I’ve an implementation of 80% of what was in
imported from planet Earth via the Galactic Exchange Program, and is called EDB. The other is produced by engineers from Terah, and is
pro, 2 macbook air, 1 Linux desktop, 1 Linux tiny laptop called EEEpc running with a single core at 800Mhz. read the full
some other kind of code that I believe has a quality called “hack value”. It may not solve any technological problem, yet it’
asks for in terms of time or space. This algorithm is called HyperLogLog, and today it is introduced as a new data structure
11 hours ago - Nikhil Soni (@krsoninikhil) · Nikhil Soni
Hz. (A to G) Accidentals: Some of notes among 12 are called accidentals and named Sharp or Flat based on the notes preceding
the western music is created by dividing a range of frequency called an octave in 12 intervals of a fixed ratio defined by
a Kubernetes interface for using any runtime with its container manager called kubelet. That means, containerd and cri-o are alternative runtimes for
and runC. rkt also has CRI implementation for using with Kubernetes, called rktlet. Following image captures this comparison along with other details. Source:
talks about the same in detail. Another parallel container project is called rkt, which implements a whole different approach to manage containers and
3rd note of the scale with respect to the first note called root . Interval is relative, so if root is moved up by
the next set of notes, is defined. And the pattern is called the scale. Most popular scales are major, minor, diminished and augmented.
11 hours ago - Senko Rašić
synchronization backend and now all-but-forgotten RPC-over-sockets library called nowjs . Being primarily a Python developer, I kept to at least
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than ALSA?[ View ]101034832new 50%+ result on ARC-AGI just dropped, called 'draw more samples'. the technique is tota…[ View ]101035269I only use
12 hours ago - Ben Garney – Mobile, AR/VR, IoT, Backend, Game Tech
2 is available now!) I made an autonomous space opera generator called On Screen!. Give it a topic, and it generates a 10-