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12 hours ago - Dave Cheney | The acme of foolishness
func small() and a call to func large(), thus it is considered a non-leaf function. Historically this would have prevented it from
Log:", i) } } Note: Calling fmt.Println inside a test is generally considered a no no as it bypasses the testing package’s output
the same. Reference types like maps and channels, like pointers, are considered to be the same if they have the same address. These
13 hours ago - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering – Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.
assumptions, in the sense that the existence of such functions is considered to be one of the most “ plausible ” cryptographic assumptions we have,
between the pair is small enough, the two codes can be considered to derive from the same iris. That means the coding must
in fairly surprising amounts of data transfer. This is not usually considered to be a problem on the general Internet or within EC2
a panel on “ chat control “: the new content scanning regime being considered by the EU Commission. Among various requirements, this proposed legislation would
solution for folks who don’t. While many problems have been considered (and often discarded), most schemes we use today are based on
implications of their proposal, and they do not seem to have considered how it will harm the security of our global communications systems.
post I’m going to focus on the specific application being considered in the EU: the use of privacy-preserving computation to conduct
14 hours ago - Jay Fields' Thoughts
the advice applies well for the lifetime of a project. I considered sending that list to the person looking for new engagement advice,
12 hours ago - andrestc.com · André Carvalho
non-volatile storage. When the data hits this layer, it is considered to be “safe.” Basically, when we write to a file (opened
cgroup has the same name in resourceA and resourceB they are considered distinct. Some of the available resources are: blkio: Block IO controller -
14 hours ago - Junk Heap Homotopy
want to actualise that dynamic in this Everett branch. ↩ I have considered the possibility that maybe I'm just uniquely low conscientiousness even in
ask: "What things should I be able to do, to be considered a minimum viable expert in X?" So for instance, since we’
15 hours ago - IMVU Engineering Blog – Software engineering best practices at IMVU
said to be rejected. Either accepting or rejecting the promise is considered to be resolving it, and when it’s resolved the appropriate
needed to be able to run asynchronous code from anywhere. We considered implementing our own version of coroutines using roughly the same syntax,
up, it’s still null. Conclusion When designing this API, we considered many different options that we dismissed: Continuation Passing Style – We dismissed
15 hours ago - Joshua Rogers | Home
of unscheduled time travel. Yes, the grave concern that must be considered is that one moment you might be hanging out in the
15 hours ago - Drew DeVault's blog
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