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12 hours ago - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering – Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.
of all this? My goal in writing this post was to convince you that Dilithium is “easy” to understand — after all, it’s
limited, but if I thought that using all of it to convince you of this single fact was necessary, I would do that.
values to work with after several runs of the protocol. To convince ourselves that the boxes don’t leak, we must use the
proposal is that it falls apart very quickly if Victor can convince Peggy to run the protocol with him multiple times. If Victor
need to prove identity to multiple different Verifiers, or to repeatedly convince the same Verifier of our identity. The problem with the strawman
i.e., does not know her secret key — should fail to convince Victor, except with some astronomically small (negligible) probability. (Why do we
be sound, meaning that only Peggy (and not an impersonator) can convince Victor to accept. We’ve made an informal argument for both
14 hours ago - Junk Heap Homotopy
lines two inches in front of my retinas was enough to convince me that the way we interface with computers right now is
gated skill trees where their position is locally unpopular might just convince them to take a second look at this whole notkilleveryone-ist
a giant skill tree with a test that goes something like: "Convince these top 3-5 alignment researchers that your plan is going
11 hours ago - Dave Cheney | The acme of foolishness
able to write a test for your fix, how will you convince a reviewer that it actually fixed what it fixed? All you
si) 15 . . } 16 . . } The allocation occurs because the compiler currently cannot convince itself that ss outlives si. The general attitude amongst Go compiler
14 hours ago - IMVU Engineering Blog – Software engineering best practices at IMVU
array boundaries (securitah!), and loaded into the address register. Can we convince ANGLE and HLSL that the array index will never be negative? (
11 hours ago - Gus Van Horn
get to win this argument forever. The boundary isn't where you convince her it is, it's wherever you decided to put it. As
is a good answer to the following question: How do I convince my sister that I don't want to be roommates? This question
spot-on: I have good news: You don't ever have to convince your sister that you don't want to be roommates or that
11 hours ago - Senko Rašić
hit it off immediately and after some time I managed to convince him to join me as a cofounder. I consider this to
being a decent thing to do, we figured (correctly) it would convince many schools to stay with us the next year. The mad
this idea without a second though, and even my cofounder didn't convince me otherwise. But this question at the Startup School office hours