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10 hours ago - Senko Rašić
of the topic, these two are super useful: The Illustrated Transformer describes the transformer (building blocks of GPT) in detail while avoiding tedious
a gentler intro). Follow that up with The Annotated Transformer which describes the scientific paper that introduced Transformers and implements it in PyTorch.
to dive deeper, here's the InstructGPT paper from OpenAI, which basically describes the method they used to create ChatGPT out of GPT3 (InstructGPT
in between. Old-style hybrid work “Hybrid” is a word that describes two different work arrangements, depending on where the company started from.
12 hours ago - Made By Nathan
note: This post is a stream-of-conciousness journal entry that describes all of the mistakes By Nathan Broadbent Apr 27, 2024 Color
note: This post is a stream-of-conciousness journal entry that describes all of the mistakes I made while trying to color match
10 hours ago - Dave Cheney | The acme of foolishness
in line with its caller. Improved optimisation opportunities Dr. Cliff Click describes inlining as the optimisation performed by modern compilers as it forms
10 hours ago - Jezen Thomas | Haskell, Unix, Minimalism, and Entrepreneurship.
main :: IO () main = print $ Email.parse "foo@bar.com" The module describes the context we’re in. Sometimes we need to make that
13 hours ago - Jiri Pospisil
that in a second. For the uninitiated, a package.json file describes the top level dependencies on other packages using semver . The definitive
13 hours ago - Daniel Näslund | A blog about security, embedded and performance optimization
this paper, I review Paul McKenney’s memory barrier paper. He describes in 28 pages why memory barriers exist and how they are
Ubuntu 15.10 on Dell XPS 15 In this post, I describes what steps are neccessary to get Ubuntu running on a recent
1 month ago - An Inline Cache isn’t Just a Cache — Matthew Gaudet
the paper "LIL: An Architecture Neutral Language for Virtual-Machine Stubs" , describes inline cache stubs of similar generality and complexity, suggesting the range
the inline caching strategy. However, it turns out that this paragraph describes the fundamental elements of the inline caching inside SpiderMonkey. When SpiderMonkey
13 hours ago - The Log Book of Manuel Kießling
based project for Scala 2.11 with ScalaTest support This post describes how to set up a new Scala 2.11.7 project
4 Play 2.4 supports Compile Time Dependency Injection. This post describes how to inject your own Cassandra repository object into a controller
2015, Dec 31 Play2: Switching from specs2 to ScalaTest This post describes how to migrate the default test cases that ship with Play
09 Creating a useful AngularJS project structure and toolchain This article describes in great detail what I learned about setting up AngularJS applications
and Infrastructure as Code From zero to production: this extensive guide describes in detail how to create and deploy a React-based web
onto the systems, and run a cluster from that. This post describes what worked for me. Posted on 2015, Jul 09 Interview: Die
to create a third sub-project, a Play2 application. This post describes what worked for me. Posted on 2015, Dec 07 Upgrading a
10 hours ago - Evan Todd
I think what I really have is what C.S. Lewis describes as an “unsatisfied desire which itself is more desirable than any