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12 hours ago - IMVU Engineering Blog – Software engineering best practices at IMVU
Comments In this 3-part series, IMVU senior engineer Bill Welden describes the means and technology behind IMVU’s web services. Part 3: 
1 month ago - A few old ideas - Fabian's public notepad
article by Mark Nelson about Operator precedence by textual substitution , which describes a suprisingly simple method to handle the evaluation of arithmetic expressions,
9 hours ago - List of posts -
Cluster meta-data handling ▼ antirez 3945 days ago. This blog post describes the new algorithm used in Redis Cluster in order to propagate
Redis 6 ▼ antirez 1838 days ago. [Note: this post no longer describes the client side implementation in the final implementation of Redis 6,
13 hours ago - martinfowler.com
or as part of build scripts. In this first installment Matteo describes how such tests can check the generated HTML for validity, with
patterns for how single-page applications fetch data. This first installment describes how asynchronous queries can be wrapped in a handler to provide
describing helpful patterns for front-end programming. In this article he describes patterns for how single-page applications fetch data. This first installment
9 hours ago - Sam Saffron
pushing a 2.0 public release of MiniProfiler, the following post describes most of the awesome changes. Continue Reading Posted by: Sam Permalink |
11 hours ago - Steven Sklar | My Blog
defines the API schema in gRPC terms A markdown file that describes the overall system architecture and goes into detail about each API
11 hours ago - My Own Fortune – All that's left is to make it
tend to focus on different details. The rest of the lecture describes the different blocks in the BMC – The all-important Value Proposition,
12 hours ago - WePay Engineering Blog
well defined process and structure to document software design. This post describes our design process and software design template. Background Every early stage
Feb 25, 2019 Highly Available MySQL Clusters at WePay This post describes WePay’s highly available MySQL architecture, and how we achieve short
1 day ago - Camas Meditation Group
of this newsletter is "Metta Letter" and the Pali word metta describes a form of universal love. There is no direct translation of
is not a Christmas song at all. The all-knowing Wikipedia describes the song like this : "Jingle Bells" is one of the best-