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1 day ago - Rondam Ramblings
any experiment we can conduct here on earth.) The Standard Model describes, among other things, how atoms are formed. Atoms, you may have
1 month ago - Alterchan
choose well-designed data formats for long-term archiving. This article describes the reasons why the xz compressed data format is inadequate for
1 month ago - nipafx // You. Me. Java.
Proxy Pattern as defined in Effective Java. It defines the pattern, describes its implementation and gives examples. 2014-10-29 Concepts of Serialization #
8 hours ago - cjlm
Kudan This short story was from the section entitled “Dread” and describes a Kafka-esque world of transfiguration and misunderstanding. Haunting. Sawanishi Yuten –
wilderness, quirky personalities clash and tensions fray. Much of the book describes a range of characters with memorable names such as “Slippery”, “Jolly
Commons marked the beginning of the book’s decline. The author describes common Kanban tools, provides some introspection on writing the book and
But it’s pretty good! An antidote to the others, Burkeman describes the sheer finite nature of our time on this planet and
9 hours ago - Credit Karma Engineering Blog - How Credit Karma engineers are helping 100 million members make financial progress
their use comes with a number of potential pitfalls. This article describes a couple of those drawbacks and what we’re doing about
9 hours ago - HashiCorp | The Infrastructure Cloud Company
experiences Platform teams are key to driving cloud adoption. This video describes how many platform teams create great developer experience to standardize and
10 hours ago - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering – Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.
available to us? Multi-party computation is a broad category. It describes a class of protocols. In practice there are many different cryptographic
the ultimate resource to make that possible. The Worldcoin white paper describes how biometrics can be used as a last-ditch account recovery
12 hours ago - Distributed Systems, in theory and in practice
This whole post is only about network partitions . Let's summarize: CA describes the specification of an operating range, and not a behavior. CP,
12 hours ago - Infrequently Noted
and browsers have created the sort of integration infrastructure that Apple describes. These systems leave the question of how PWAs are actually run (