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11 hours ago - Yifan Lu
the hardware keys from the PlayStation Vita. I wrote a paper describing the whole process with all the technical details, but I thought
15 hours ago - IMVU Engineering Blog – Software engineering best practices at IMVU
Group Document consists of a single path segment, a singular noun describing the Node Group: https://api.imvu.com/course The URL for
that the Edge Group points off to, or by a noun describing the relationship created by the Edge Group: https://api.imvu.com/
16 hours ago - Jon Skeet's coding blog
have any physical controls (yet), the vocabulary I’ll use when describing it is intended to be consistent with that of physical control
of took on a life of its own as I started describing different aspects of digital mixers. In some ways, that’s a
13 hours ago - Brett Coulstock | Writer
Introductions for Film, Television and Theatre Japanese Umbrellas and Thai Manners (describing The Bureau of Magical Things) Sharing Audio Description Linux and Programming
14 hours ago - one mikro2nd
Systems Activity Centric Computing Convenience Matters software Doing Software Better Self Describing Data On Discoverability and the Internet App concept: A Word Recorder
2 weeks ago - Brendan Gregg's Homepage
perf_events features ( slides , PDF , youtube ). A post about Working at Netflix , describing the culture. This is worth writing about, as Netflix is pioneering
introduces a variety of heat map visualizations. This talk ends by describing the challenges of cloud computing, and how heat maps are well
Invent 2017 talk on How Netflix Tunes EC2 Instances for Performance , describing instance selection, EC2 features, kernel tuning, and observability ( slides , youtube , PDF ).
Invent 2017 talk on How Netflix Tunes EC2 Instances for Performance , describing instance selection, EC2 features, kernel tuning, and observability ( youtube , slides ) (56
My lwn.net article Ftrace: The Hidden Light Switch (2014). Posts describing perf-tools based on Linux perf_events and ftrace (both core Linux
11 hours ago - Home - Advanced Web Machinery
make a living out of teaching. And in this post I'm describing the thinking behind this change. Continue reading → Tamás Sallai June 8,
14 hours ago - PREPEND
after some googling, I finally come across this google groups article describing how Snow Leopard only includes jdk1.6. This was confusing as
But it's turning out that creating web services is harder than describing them to non-technical (or even technical) staff. Non-technicals hear "
14 hours ago - code.flickr.com
as “tapes”, which are just files with some sort of format describing the interaction. The basic workflow goes like this: The client makes
14 hours ago - My Own Fortune – All that's left is to make it
to… The Business Model Canvas The BMC is a technique for describing a business model, a division into the most important blocks. A