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10 hours ago - Dave Cheney | The acme of foolishness
from having to initialise Result.Foo and makes it easier to detect when a field was not initialised because the JSON did not
them. However, part of the job of a linker is to detect functions which are not referenced by a program–say they are
11 hours ago - Annoying Technology
but shouldn’t that make it even easier more possible to detect that I have already accepted them? Manuel was annoyed on June
10 hours ago - The Circus Scientist Site - Circus Scientist
Decoration Monkey Detector Monkey Detecting Sprinkler overview Monkey Detector Part 1: Detect a stuffed toy and switch on an LED Monkey Detector Part
Decoration Monkey Detector Monkey Detecting Sprinkler overview Monkey Detector Part 1: Detect a stuffed toy and switch on an LED Monkey Detector Part
13 hours ago - Linux Engineer's random thoughts
wasn't necessary. Floyd's tortoise and hare algorithm is very useful to detect when a cycle has happened in a series of comparable things.
13 hours ago - Simon Lyall's Blog – New Zealand, Sysadmin, Linux, Curry, Chess
up or screen down SpeCam – Facedown screen can have light and detect what it is sitting on. Guess material it is sitting on
people are wearing gloves Application – Scales at self-checkout supermarket to detect what is being weighed Radar in shoe can recognise the surface
know it is not working Document everything – Make it easier to detect deviations from norm Have processes/standards for the teams generating the
Trained on 661 feature and 512 bins Radar signal can ever detect different colours. Different dyes interact differently Can detect if people are
pattern to control phone User camera in a watch potion to detect handle gestures (looking at top/back of hand) RotoSwype – Smart ring
More Socially acceptable that cameras everywhere and always on Used to detect material Complex pattern of reflection and absorption that returns lots of
14 hours ago - Andrew Wheeler | Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping
1/100) = 0.1. So in that case, you can never detect an effect smaller than exp(-0.2). Another way to think
attitudes, you may be talking more like 5,000+ contacts to detect an effect of 0.1 (given likely sample non-response), which
160 events in each treated/control group , to be able to detect a 20% reduction. Now lets imagine a scenario in which one
1/15) = 0.37. Thus, the smallest effect size you could detect has to be a logged incident rate ratio pretty much double
need to cut CED usage in half to be able to detect if the intervention worked when only examining the outcomes for one
whether a particular experimental design is dead in the water to detect reasonable effect sizes of interest. If you found this interesting, you
effect size, then determine the study parameters to be able to detect that effect size a certain percentage of the time (the power,
11 hours ago - andrestc.com · André Carvalho
found here . The real cp shell command has an heuristic to detect and keep the sparsity of the original file on to the