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15 hours ago - Andrew Wheeler | Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping
com/2024/04/20/some-musings-on-plagiarism/ Grabbing the NHAMCS emergency room data in python So Katelyn Jetelina on her blog, The
with Heidi Moseson) on how several papers examining mifepristone related to emergency room (ER) visits were retracted. (Highly recommend Katelyn’s blog, I
30, 2024 https://andrewpwheeler.com/2024/03/30/grabbing-the-nhamcs-emergency-room-data-in-python/ Matching mentors to mentees using OR-tools
2 weeks ago - Andreas Klinger
142 views What a week. The US declared the state of emergency. Many leading startups closed their office. And I expect that all
15 hours ago - Svedic.org
Tour de France strategy I saw on TV: #6: In an emergency, you can extend the range of your EV by tailgating a
15 hours ago - Latest - CaiusTheory
Wenlock Olympian Triathlon 2017 May 09 Raspberry Pi 3 as an emergency router May 09 Finding cheap Microserver G8 memory May 09 Bash
12 hours ago - hypergeometric -
month of the accident. Many heroically went to address the unfolding emergency, and we exposed to lethal doses of radiation within minutes. Some
12 hours ago - Dr. Gleb Bahmutov, PhD
My Youtube channel Cypress Tips & Tricks newsletter Cypress Tips Discord climate emergency Today I am a software engineer interested in front and back
14 hours ago - bazaarvoice: engineering | The official blog of Bazaarvoice R&D
on-call system, eliminating the need for manual contact identification during emergency incidents. The value of Backstage shines through the power of the
14 hours ago - Dan Quach Blog
soon. She witnessed firsthand horrors of the war working in the emergency room, with one memory of treating an 8-year old where
12 hours ago - Blog | Jade Michael Thornton
high voltage. Do not read odd-numbered posts during a snow emergency. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for highway use.