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12 hours ago - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering – Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.
same line, it’s easy to calculate the secret slope m — ergo, a person who can easily compute points on a line almost
13 hours ago - mgsloan
Using adhesive hangers and adjustable tie-downs to suspend laptops. Read Ergo update: hammock under deck Nice location for a hammock - under a
Type system tricks to implement type-directed function application. Read 2020 Ergo update: standing desk + treadmill Active sitting stool, suspended drinks, tidying cables.
mgsloan Michael Sloan posts about ergonomics & software 2021 Ergo update: co-working experiment A semi-accidental experiment in sitting more
standing desk + treadmill Active sitting stool, suspended drinks, tidying cables. Read Ergo update: suspending keyboard from ceiling Experiment in suspending keyboard from fixed
2 weeks ago - Matthew Gaudet
real mechanical switches this time; while I'd gotten used to the Ergo Sculpt's butterfly switches, I was hoping for something nicer. I didn't
I suspect. Sorry. A couple of months ago my 'venerable' Microsoft Ergo Sculpt started to have problems with a few keys. While I'd
I had gotten used to the key travel from the the Ergo Sculpt, and I had this idea that I didn't want to
tenting would be like, but a tented fixed split like the Ergo Sculpt would be acceptable. I was hoping for real mechanical switches