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13 hours ago - Prashanth Sadasivan – The Chief Questions Officer 💻🍳☕️
think it is as obvious as it seems. Some languages are focused on working with statistical and numerical data. Some are focused on
are focused on working with statistical and numerical data. Some are focused on ease of learning and usage. Others are focused on making
11 hours ago - Techinch
They’re short enough to watch on a coffee break, and focused on one thing so you know what you’ll learn. You
guidelines the TED team would tell potential speakers, to keep talks focused on a single major idea—an idea that’s worth sharing.
down to under 20 minutes did the trick. It kept speakers focused on one topic, kept listeners listening, and turned talks into something
the rooftops that you should automate this and that. Instead, we focused on our complements, the tools that people used alongside Zapier. We
recreate what Anderson called “the ancient campfire experience” with information-dense, focused speeches. There was no technical reason why 18 minutes was chosen,
13 hours ago - BillSaysThis – Death is ugly, Life is sexy!
start his own software company, which he called LazarSoft. The company focused on developing software for the emerging mobile market, and quickly became
to co-found his own software development company. The new venture focused on creating cutting-edge software solutions for businesses and organizations, and
the law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, where he focused on antitrust and competition law. He continued to teach at the
and start his own technology company. He founded a startup that focused on developing cutting-edge software for the healthcare industry, which was
12 hours ago - Jay Fields' Thoughts
Once we eliminated these bugs, I spent notably more time happily focused on writing software. For me, delivering features is satisfying; conversely, tracking
the helper function I no longer have the luxury of staying focused on the single test; now I need to consider what the
I would look to break down those strings into smaller, more focused functions, for example: describeOrder(side, size, px, ticker) describeCommission(ticker) describeTotal(
function, you're free to test the code paths of the more focused functions, and the test for confirmMsg becomes trivial. Something along the
an opportunity to further break down a method and write more focused tests on the newly introduced, more granular tests. Posted by Jay
13 hours ago - Subclassed
out there) it assumes you're happy to use Thonny , an editor focused on the micropython ecosystem, in order to move files to the
the best iOS app to be FourStroke - most of them are focused on cars and might not even work with cheap aftermarket readers.)
13 hours ago - Home | Vladimír Zdražil
mud (1999) - Brian Foote & Joseph Yoder While much attention has been focused on high-level software architectural patterns, what is, in effect, the
programming paper Enshittification Enshittification occurs when an online platform becomes more focused on making money and less concerned about its users as time
10 hours ago - Erico Notes
but ultimately said don't worry, do your thing - he was very focused on the level he was working on Future Flashback. Since Logan
was making for Future Flashback and we talk and he is focused on delivering the needed backgrounds, meanwhile, he convinces his wife Melany
14 hours ago - Core Dumped
initial observations and ideas about the language runtime. The second post focused on building a safe garbage collector in Rust using the type
12 hours ago - Road to Craftsmanship
FSTOCO 2017 FSTOCO is a Toronto-based full-stack software conference focused on web development. It’s a 3-day annual event featuring
Day 2 of JavaOne 2016 started early again and was primarily focused on microservices in my case. Session 1: Operational excellence with Netflix
content. I started it with an early 2-hour tutorial session focused on microservices. Session 1: Introduction to microservices in Java Jason Swartz
2 weeks ago - Home | etcetera
but this time it’s a smaller change that’s more focused on the overall tech aspect and daily usage, rather than just