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水) 13:14:41 No. 16894547 >>16894545 # But do you have glasses? All engineers wear glasses. Even she does, even if they are
Tm Da Ex 291 KB 564x800 46968f534263c8d2b2e4e9bb50ebf5073ef05697.jpg >>16894547 # I have glasses. I even have glasses that protect me from lasers . Onee-sama
12 hours ago - Fred Wu (@fredwu) - Persumi - Level up your writing and blogging with AI
utility of Viture's case is better, with lining for both the glasses and the cable, whereas Xreal's is simply a plain case without
10 hours ago - Ayende @ Rahien
look at this code and try to view it through the glasses of my 12-year-old self, I can understand exactly the
12 hours ago - Syd Norpol
with different swimming methods. Later I’ve started diving, though without glasses, after sunset, it gets quite scary underwater quickly. I ended up
11 hours ago - Senko Rašić
the right numbers. Focusing on the real was like wiping your glasses (or the window) and actually seeing what was going on. Weekly
12 hours ago - mgsloan
Polarizer Glasses for Outdoor Computing I built some variable angle polarizer glasses based on camera optics! Read Laptop Ceiling Suspension Using adhesive hangers