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13 hours ago - PREPEND
years, but if it keeps me from having to use Together, I'll be happy. JavaOne really loves Diet Mug Root Beer. Every freaking
them. Oh well, I bought the giant Tumi for $900 and I'll be packing it full of books (software and fiction) and hauling
of books (software and fiction) and hauling it across the world. I'll be checking out the new features in Eclipse 3.1 and
way to do business but I see a lot of it. I'll be in India next month so my post will probably not
Time off So I'm going on a cruise this week and I'll be out of the country. This probably means that the quality
and FEA ) across very large (multi-billion dollar) IT groups. So I'll be adding some posts on what I think "Enterprise Architecture" consists
may ways they are pretty decent. Since I'm here I figure I'll add to the infinite supply of JavaOne blogs and add my
2 weeks ago - Erethon's Corner
for solving the challenges is published in this git repo and I'll be documenting any helpful resources on this blog. Read more How
into analog hardware. I have no experience with modular synths, so I'll be documenting my work and research here, with links and resources
ago I blogged about migrating to Octopress from Wordpress, this time I'll blog about migrating to Hugo from Octopress. I started messing around
and I replied something along the line "If it doesn't work, I'll make it work", which made people in the line laugh. As
a little over a month since I started using tmux. Below, I'll try to explain most of my .tmux.conf, a bit of
2 weeks ago - www.bentasker.co.uk
some hope that a power reset might help. In this post, I'll talk about the steps that I followed to fix a Lenovo
and process my feelings around this week's events. In this post I'll walk through the discussion, the request and my thoughts on it.
13 hours ago - Jay Fields' Thoughts
along the lines of: I'm glad you wrote this book, and I'll likely write a bliki entry noting what I agree with and
13 hours ago - Steven Sklar | My Blog
like this content and want to follow along with the series, I'll be writing more articles under the Operators 101 tag on this
the "CO" in the spec). As you might have guessed already, I'll be using Kubernetes as the CO in this post! But what
Container Orchestrator you are using. Since I'm most familiar with Kubernetes, I'll be using it to demonstrate how a CSI driver interacts with
how often to scrape the urls in the above list Thus, I'll add 2 fields to my FeedReader CR: A list of strings
13 hours ago - winrickLabs Blog
webp with no percieved loss of quality. Click to enlarge. Conclusion I'll be happy to see a new community form around the game
can show off the full game and prepare for launch. Next I'll be doing a load test with simulating millions of active clients
moving around concurrently. For concurrency, we shard in-memory geographically, but I'll cover this in a separate post. If we need to scale
things turned out - let me know what questions you have, and I'll happily update this article. Cheers. Update 2022 FastComments now no longer
11 hours ago - Jerry Ng's blog
from the official site. Just miss the buying window? Great! now I'll have to wait for another week or so. Sometimes life gets
13 hours ago - Pxtl.ca
to come closer to refill-day, so come back Saturday." "Okay, I'll come back then." ... "Okay, it's Saturday, here to refill my meds." "...