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antirez.com/news/50 News about Redis: 2.8 is shaping, I'm back on Cluster. ▼ antirez 4144 days ago. This is a very
13 hours ago - Ben Overmyer, Full-Stack Developer and Game Designer
can see my latest works in this area at Iron Arachne . I'm also one of the owners of tabletop role-playing game company
SCA Links Ben Overmyer Full-Stack Developer and Game Designer Hi, I'm Ben. I do web things and make games. By day, I
13 hours ago - Techinch
an inaugural conference around _T_ech, _E_ntertainment, and _D_esign. Thus began TED. “I'm bored out of my head at conferences,” said the founder behind
used on aging school computers—rebuilt using the latest web tech. “I'm compelled to say ‘Magic’,” replied ctrlz when asked how they got
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and 2000s, gaming was dominated by consoles. Bu…[ View ]101049897Lost Technology: i'm 25, my first phone was the iphone 5, i have never
Non-A.I. Image: ai-bros, are we reall…[ View ]101043867so i'm an idiot trying to rewire an old suncom f15 flight stick.
jobs in the near future.[ View ]101034366How do I know if I'm a 10x programmer?[ View ]100997292 /mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: 'Just as
14 hours ago - Blog - Henri Bergius
You can reach me by email . Besides writing on this blog, I'm also available on LinkedIn and on fediverse as @bergie@pixelfed.de .
14 hours ago - Allen Pike, pixel crafter
Allen Pike, pixel crafter Allen Pike Articles About Follow Hi, I'm Allen Pike . I founded Steamclock , host Fun Fact and It Shipped
14 hours ago - Alin Panaitiu - Personal website
weekly and tuneable attributes like Acousticness or Danceability. About me Hi, I'm Alin Panaitiu Living in Brașov, Romania Writing in Crystal, Swift, Python
14 hours ago - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering – Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.
from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds. Matthew Green I'm a cryptographer and professor at Johns Hopkins University. I've designed and
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No. 160455 Файл 170502306630.png - (627.44KB , 637x544 , im afraid.png ) Кликните на картинке, чт
15 hours ago - Stevey's Blog Rants
know Visual Studio, so I'm just relating what they say. But I'm betting IDEA is at least on par with VS. Of course,
one point, and I'm hoping it works in prod, but until I'm confident that it's working, I'm going to have to charge for