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Mon 19 Feb 2024 (2 weeks ago)
I feel smug in yoga class, but is hypermobility a blessing or a curse? | Human biology | The Guardian
showing me her own hypermobile fingers and thumbs. A viola player, she believes this trait may have aided her ability to comfortably reach
this theory that the exercise maintains the hypermobility is probably correct,” she says. So if you are hypermobile, you can carry on contorting
to comfortably reach the notes on the instrument’s neck. Now she’s in her 50s, it is only the fingers on her
Mon 19 Feb 2024 (2 weeks ago)
a - Catalog
go. So much so that he enrols in the same highschool she attends just to keep an eye on her. A classic coming
become a princess of the people this time around or is she destined to have a date with the guillotine? R: 527 / I:
light magic is admitted to the Royal Academy of Magic, where she encounters numerous ikemen and gears up to defeat the Demon Lord.
When Princess Mia gets her just desserts from oppressing her people, she goes back in time to her 12 year old loli body.
at the Emperor's palace. Specifically she works for his many concubines. She hopes to work off her years of servitude and return to
girl with skull pupils has a traumatic history with ghosts. Now she hunts them down using MC as bait and traps them in
to covertly heal them with her medicinal knowledge. Despite her efforts, she is disocvered by a eunuch, the only men allowed in the
Mon 19 Feb 2024 (2 weeks ago)
11 Best Freelance Mobile UI Designers [Hire in 48 Hours] | Toptal®
Lankan UX designer with over four years of UI/UX experience. She creates simple yet effective solutions to complex problems using empathy, curiosity,
whatever the project may be. Besides being super talented at design, she possesses specific qualities that make her exceptional to work with given
over 12 years of experience in a fast-paced team environment. She solves complex UX problems and finds opportunities for good user experience,
Mon 19 Feb 2024 (2 weeks ago)
11 Best Freelance Augmented Reality Designers [Hire in 48 Hours] | Toptal®
experience and over 100+ projects to satisfied clients. Through her career she collaborated with PMs, dev teams, and startup owners, helping them to
creative woman with 13+ years of experience specializing in digital technologies. She has worked with clients ranging from industry leaders to startups that
whatever the project may be. Besides being super talented at design, she possesses specific qualities that make her exceptional to work with given
Wed 14 Feb 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Mind Control in  TV, Movies & Hollywood quotes
as his bride and sent to the underworld, with the agreement she could return to earth six months of each year. The Illuminati
Tue 13 Feb 2024 (2 weeks ago)
streaming in China hours, and doing female oriented content like handcams. She actually started a huge handcam trend that blurred the line between
perfect. She's calm, collected, intelligent, elegant, she has class and style. She also plays one of my favorite instruments, the keyboard, a fundamental
Am i the only one who find it extremely weird how she ALWAYS mentioning her being petite and dressing like a little girl
making an only fans and breaks her first day with 100k. She and Eric decided to move to Colorado together. >Someone tips off
boob jobs and cosmetic surgery, insisting she would pay it back. >She asks 5k from her dad in brazil so she can maintain
He described a husband beating his 1950s housewife to death because she bought the wrong brand of peanut butter "I told you to
was sent a DM by a Miyavi fake on IG who she claims was the real deal, & that he stole a bunch of
Tue 13 Feb 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Cuddling Goldie after a late night … | Josh Withers, the group chat
after a late night diaper change and I was contemplating how she and Luna have slept under almost 37 roofs since we left
Tue 13 Feb 2024 (3 weeks ago)
Ivermectin is trending again… New scientific paper released exposing “miracle drug” – NaturalNews.com
a preventative. But she managed to get a prescription both times she had #COVID , and recovered successfully! #FLCCC #FLCCCAlliance #MyStory #earlytreatment pic.twitter.
Tue 13 Feb 2024 (3 weeks ago)
On not being a radical medicine skeptic, and the dangers of doctor-by-Internet « The Story's Story
a physician, which I’m sure helped us get responses when she cold-emailed other docs—but so did relentlessness; as is commonly
Mon 12 Feb 2024 (3 weeks ago)
/mlp/ - Pony - Archive - 4chan
I'm not supposed to like female characters beca…[ View ]40812973Why does she hate booping so much[ View ]40815145I want to get drunk with
really glad that Misty isn't in EQG G% and I hope she never shows up Her presences rui…[ View ]40809895Woah ...[ View ]40809983>ywn