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15 hours ago - Jon Skeet's coding blog
A/V system), it would open up new possibilities… well, that sounded like an opportunity to take MAUI for a spin. This blog
13 hours ago - PREPEND
new feature that the "model is self documenting", etc etc. It sounded like the good old days of someone pitching a 5GL . So
great and could support thousands of users on cheap hardware. This sounded promising so I asked to see the reports. They said they
12 hours ago - fasterthanli.me
means "take responsibility for your fuckups", but, to young-me, definitely sounded more like "you don't deserve nice things". Read more Latest series
14 hours ago - winrickLabs Blog
port in Swift a couple friends brought up an idea that sounded too fun to implement, so here it is. Think version control
15 hours ago - Life plus Linux
Then I came across this paper on Mask R-CNN which sounded promising for this usecase. And it was indeed much better than
12 hours ago - Gus Van Horn
if they might not have had it themselves, it wouldn't have sounded odd at all. Consider the unspoken implication of that question: The