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12 hours ago - Home Page of Evan Miller
Valuation Model Adventure Games and Eigenvalues Splatoon’s Ranking System Is Still Broken Evaluating Splatoon’s Ranking System Inferring Tweet Quality From Retweets
12 hours ago - NEVERFRIDAY - Portal Berita Seputar Destinasi Wisata Terkini
to provide a sense of accomplishment when overcoming tough challenges while still being accessible for all levels of players. Some levels may require
13 hours ago - Gus Van Horn
by the Bay Can you run in a tight loop and still be well-behaved? The Sounding Line Map: Energy Pipelines and Seabed
13 hours ago - List of posts -
it has some meaning. Redis is now everywhere, and it is still considerably able to “scale down”: you can still download it, compile
13 hours ago - Writing an OS in Rust
the `bootloader` crate. In case you're interested in it, it is still available. Note that the first edition is no longer updated and
13 hours ago - Senko Rašić
did we do wrong? Maybe we didn't focus narrowly enough (we still catered to EdTech, small business users, other apps embedding us and
13 hours ago - Brendan Eich
conferences around the world. I will be less visible online, but still around. /be Posted on March 26, 2014 Inclusiveness at Mozilla I
aggregated/clustered economics? Open the walled gardens to put users first? Still be usable and private-enough for most? I think the answer
14 hours ago - /g/ - Technology - Archive - 4chan
mp4 why do they still exist[ View ]101007484is there any botnet still attached to this?[ View ]101001908why doesn't 4chan support webp?[ View ]101010447Why
with Archlinux installed. Wish me luck.[ View ]101055629Are the FAGMAN megacorps still at the top or are there any new competitors now above
14 hours ago - Open Source License Compliance & Security – for software dependencies
my house with a hot cup of coffee and it would still be warm by the time I arrived at the office. The
14 hours ago - Maciej Litwiniuk
at least have less useless stuff. But in the end I still buy (or print) a lot of shit. Reading such posts every