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9 hours ago
production ready" duality 06/19 Files, the talk 06/19 A surprising thing (to me) about bay area groupthink 05/19 Baseball scouting
1 month ago - Steve Kemp's Blog
to cope with this approach, which causes repetition but nothing too surprising. The end result is that now my emulator can run Microsoft
12 hours ago - Svedic.org
better feeling for a strategy of the game, which is not surprising considering where I started. One time I even succeeded to intercept
and prides itself on being alternative. So it’s not exactly surprising that so many shop owners are trying to lower the costs
1 day ago - SeanKilleen.com - SeanKilleen.com
Description for a Developer Role 7 minute read I got a surprising amount of positive feedback on a job description I wrote recently,
1 month ago - Some notes on CMake variables and scopes — Matthew Gaudet
can be put to use to simplify your CMakeLists.txt. A surprising amount of CMake configuration is still done only through what seem
reference to the scope it was copied from, it maybe isn't surprising that there's a way in CMake to affect the parent scope:
10 hours ago - Home
years for severa... On Selling 7 minute read I find it surprising when people seek my guidance on how to sell because selling
1 day ago - Neopythonic
turns out that implementing synchronization primitives is hard. This is somewhat surprising in the case of asyncio , since only one task can be
Burrows In late 2005 I joined Google. The interviews took a surprising long time, which is a tale for another time. Today I
1 day ago - Lou Franco: code, apps, and writings
need to. Whisper doesn’t make many mistakes, though, which is surprising because I have a New York accent that sometimes confounds AI.
1 month ago - Gokberk Yaltirakli
locally. ... Birthday paradox - 📅 2022-04-13 The birthday paradox is the surprising result that if you have 23 people in a room, there