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9 hours ago - Herding Lions
Year of Building with LLMs May 9, 2024 ⌘ Reality Has A Surprising Amount Of Detail This is an old piece, but new to
1 day ago - Fabulous adventures in coding | Eric Lippert's blog
on the almost 20 years I’ve been blogging, it is surprising to me that I’ve only briefly alluded to my appreciation
9 hours ago - Karmanyaah Malhotra
25 Nov 2022 • puzzles Someone recently asked me, “What is something surprising or amusing you learned recently?” I solved a puzzle that is
10 hours ago - PREPEND
As someone who grew up with C and Java, this was surprising to me. Even Microsoft doesn't charge for the VB/C# runtime.
10 hours ago - Letters To A New Developer – What I wish I had known when starting my development career
Gets Easier, You Just Go Faster" Learn a Text Editor The Surprising Number of Programmers Who Can't Program There Are No Adults In
11 hours ago - Kevin Coleman | solves problems for businesses with Software.
Kevin Coleman About Coleman laws Contact 🥞Morning Stack Awards & Projects 3 surprising areas Tech can support women Over the last few years, I
my upcoming blog article. More posts Posts Mar 25, 2024 3 surprising areas Tech can support women Feb 19, 2024 Give people space
came to HR issues and supporting women within the organization. 3 surprising areas that I was surprised to learn. 01 Focus on the
12 hours ago - Jon Skeet's coding blog
of trial and error. Various other aspects of layout have been surprising as well – I don’t know whether my expectations are incorrect,
1 day ago - Rondam Ramblings
some of those theories at the present time would not be surprising at all. So our current scientific theories range from extremely well-
why would Cohen lie? Sure, Cohen despised Trump, which is not surprising considering that Cohen actually went to prison for the things he
1 day ago - Welcome, my friend - Inverted Passion
running out (Personal, Philosophy) Free will, facticity and their (not-so) surprising consequences (Personal, Philosophy) For startups: how to deal with large enterprise
right kind) (Entrepreneurship, Mental Models) Get press by giving journalists something surprising (Mental Models) Your 30 second pitch shouldn’t be about you (