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1 month ago - nipafx // You. Me. Java.
Injection - Effective Java, Items 3-5 #video #book‑club #patterns Mildly surprising (to me), it makes sense to discuss these three patters in
2 weeks ago - Lasse Laursen – Lasse Laursen's project portfolio and development blog.
a high risk of finding yourself often having to spend a surprising amount of time re-learning context, dealing with multiple one-off
1 month ago - Driven by Compression Progress · Josh Thompson
more non-random, non-arbitrary, regular data that is novel and surprising not in the traditional sense of Boltzmann and Shannon but in
more non-random, non-arbitrary, regular data that is novel and surprising not in the traditional sense of Boltzmann and Shannon but in
10 hours ago - Evan Cordell
the core ideas, there are plenty of details that may be surprising once you scratch the surface. 2021-06-18 12 min read
10 hours ago - Senko Rašić
even more points. If you're a regular HN reader, this isn't surprising. As a modern language with passionate community, Rust is invariably mentioned
10 hours ago - Techinch
being spoken to. I hate education.” So perhaps it’s not surprising his brainchild would become known for pithy speeches, that we’d
from the very start.” Tell them something they'll relate to, something surprising, something that confirms their suspicions or challenges their assumptions, something that
11 hours ago - Maciej Litwiniuk
tech and connectivity are we. Life is not short- “The most surprising thing is that you wouldn’t let anyone steal your property,
11 hours ago - Jan Harasym
have to vent. At Sharkmob1 we use Microsoft products… not really surprising; Microsoft Office is extremely common and- we make games. DevOps; a
11 hours ago - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering – Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.
the data and calculation are huge , this generally results in fairly surprising amounts of data transfer. This is not usually considered to be
from other projects is that the free money comes with a surprising condition: in order to join the Worldcoin system and collect free
Moreover these systems can be exploited by malicious users to produce surprising results. I’ll come back to that in a moment. But
12 hours ago - Stevey's Blog Rants
this -- which, despite its simple appearance, is a true MMORPG with surprising depth -- is basically an infinite amount of work. Lifetimes of work.