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12 hours ago - Home | Andrew Atkinson - Software Engineer, Author, High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails
to Rails programmers. Afterwards, a number of people provided feedback on surprising or interesting things from the presentation. PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails May
1 month ago - Brendan Gregg's Homepage
code ( blog , slides , PDF , youtube ) (2021). The story of the most surprising software demo I've been given: An Unbelievable Demo . As it has
10 hours ago - Ben Taylor | A collection of thoughts and ramblings. Mostly about Artificial Intelligence, Startups, Logic and Philosophy. Occasionally perhaps about photography or allotment gardening.
Peak District The Barber Paradox A nice little logical paradox with surprising far reaching consequences. I've had this great idea What happens to
8 hours ago - cjlm
icon #38 ~ through a fog Zooming out, finding commonality and the surprising benefits of having a foggy outlook. Hello and welcome to my
stick in your mind. It could be the tone or the surprising emphasis on certain syllables. Sometimes a timbre or an unusual gutteral
tell me the exact spelling of your name” This is a surprising question to most and even if someone has a “conventional” name
short stories where things fizzle out with either mild unease or surprising resolution. book icon finished 19th July, 2022 Evilpedia I made a
9 hours ago - Code & Visuals
compact scalar implementation on both x86-64 and arm64. The more surprising result is that the original scalar implementation is slower than the
the test program on arm64 using Rosetta 2 produces a more surprising result: close to a 6x speedup! Running through Rosetta 2 means
at multiple studios and in multiple renderers, which shouldn’t be surprising since the translation from the original Williams et al. 2005 paper
11 hours ago - Patrick D'appollonio
Or learning a bit about Chile while getting shocked: all the surprising differences that took me a while to adjust! On August 2014
11 hours ago - Werd I/O
2015, and that they rarely say no." I wish this was surprising. Something similar seems to have gone on in every trusted facet
11 hours ago - alexwlchan
icon Rotating a looped hook around a central point creates a surprising variety of shapes. 4 July 2024 emptydir: look for (nearly) empty
12 hours ago - Coding Horror
in electric scooter price from 2016 to 2019 may not be surprising versus the parallel rise of the quasi-legal electric scooter smartphone
3 days ago - Dan Quach Blog
time visiting Vietnam since I was 13. He said something really surprising during the conversation said, “Welcome home, even though you forgot a
have instead asked, “why is your Vietnamese so bad?” The other surprising fork which I hadn’t really considered is how different the
article. American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) There was a bit of surprising news coming out of the US Congress that there is now