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13 hours ago
ā–² 20 The growth of command line options, 1979-Present 02/20 Suspicious discontinuities 02/20 95%-ile isn't that good 01/20 Algorithms
16 hours ago - Josh Ghent ā€¢ Developer Musings
ā–² software with robust, sustainable architectures. Currently Iā€™m building LoginLlama šŸ¦™ a suspicious login detection API. Recent Posts May 7, 2024 Should I learn
2 weeks ago - Reserve Studies - A Policy Analysis | ā„¤ā†’ā„¤
ā–² estimates of uncertainty, then this analysis is impossible. Associations should be suspicious of any study that presents all the estimated costs as having
15 hours ago - Application Security Management | Datadog
ā–² easily collaborate across teams and eliminate bottlenecksSlow down attackers by blocking suspicious requests or bad actors directly through the Datadog platform Automatically discover
12 hours ago - cjlm
ā–² run. I never do it, Iā€™m concerned it would look suspicious or ā€“ more unlikely ā€“ be tampered with in some way. Last week