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12 hours ago - Jiby's toolbox - Jb Doyon's personal website
their problems. But amongst them all, there’s one pattern I whole-heartedly love, it’s the Early Exit. In this short and
for organising components, even patterns for how to test things. A whole industry is looking for patterns to solve all their problems. But
12 hours ago - andrestc.com · André Carvalho
file"); } } else { if (write(outputFd, buf, numRead) != numRead) fatal("couldn't write whole buffer to file"); } } If we go for the naive approach (without
argv[2][0])) != strlen(&argv[2][0])) errExit("failed to write whole buffer"); offset = getLong(&argv[3][0], GN_ANY_BASE, &argv[3][0]); if (
argv[4][0])) != strlen(&argv[4][0])) errExit("failed to write whole buffer"); if (close(outputFd) == -1) errExit("close output"); exit(EXIT_SUCCESS); } To
the registers * so that some mistake won't make this reboot the whole machine.
13 hours ago - Home | Arkency Blog
Pankowecki October 15, 2017 domain-driven design event sourcing Event-sourcing whole app — opinions Paweł Pacana October 10, 2017 domain-driven design event
14 hours ago - Junk Heap Homotopy
might just convince them to take a second look at this whole notkilleveryone-ist business. Q: Say more? How are you sure this
15 hours ago - IMVU Engineering Blog – Software engineering best practices at IMVU
from them. All URLs required by the client must be obtained whole, as opaque strings, from the response to an earlier service request.
if they exist), and then run a hash function over the whole, concatenated blob OK… a little odd way of securing a POST
its encoding and allows for spacing, it can throw off the whole hash. Things that are more in our control such as integer
good move to solve this problem is to not compile the whole project for testing a line but instead to compile only the
15 hours ago - Troy Hunt: Troy Hunt
21 May 2024 We often do that in this industry, the whole "1.0" thing, but it seems apt here. I started Have
15 hours ago - Joshua Rogers | Home
quit writing posts was because of the painful workflow surrounding the whole deployment process. To top it all off, when I finally tried
16 hours ago - Jon Skeet's coding blog
a very high level, and back towards the goal of the whole blog series: abstraction. Assuming I don’t get distracted by something
me for these 5 hours? The same logic should mean the whole charging period is on the cheap tariff… but would something go
3 days ago - The Universe of Discourse
a new job — “Say aren't you the Master of Assassins whose whole house was destroyed by their ancient enemies? Great, we'll be in
same color, surely that will be no harder than coloring the whole icosahedron. The explanation below is a little belabored, it's what OP
Hawat had asked the obvious question, he might have unraveled the whole plot. But Hawat is a Mentat, and the Master of Assassins